Issue 39 – with you now

Issue 39 – with you now

Let the party begin, let friends be reunited in friendly battle, let laughter, popping corks and tinkling glasses bring clubhouses back to life, and let those members of our many great golf clubs who always have something to complain about try to get things in perspective, and to remember how lucky we are…

All this and more in the new edition of Golf Quarterly.

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Here’s what’s inside Issue 39:

John Rink on the merits of golf as a spectator sport
Ian Wheater recalls Hogan at Wentworth

When Dai slayed the American Goliath
Bryan Jenkins on the drama of two great Ryder Cups

Golfing lives
Martyn Leggett remembers his father

Playing golf after dark

The Lockdown Letters
Richard Pennell on a literary renaissance at Woking

Fifty Shades of Gray
Stephen Moore describes the history of a popular event

A forgotten man of golf course design
Robert Ruddell describes a notable Colt protege

The brush is mightier than the brassie
Christopher Matthew rejoices in some golfing art

James Woods’ Picture Quiz

How well do you know the Rules?
Mr Stickler

Parting Shot
Waiting for Golfo…

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