Elegant, witty writing on golf

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Elegant, witty writing on golf

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Issue 39 – with you now

Let the party begin, let friends be reunited in friendly battle, let laughter, popping corks and tinkling glasses bring clubhouses back to life, and let those members of our many great golf clubs who always have something to complain about try to get things in perspective, and to remember how…

Issue 38 – out now!

Golf may be stopping and starting at the moment - but you’ll be glad to hear Golf Quarterly continues without interruption! Please support GQ and make someone happy by taking out a new subscription as a Christmas present for a friend or relation, and by passing this message on with your…

Support the Hidden Gems

In Golf Quarterly, published in mid March when many people were in denial about the risks, there was not a single mention of Covid-19. In just a few short weeks, however, the virus has closed most golf courses around the world, played havoc with the professional tour schedule (most notably…

The Spirit of Golf

A five-part series on the values of the early amateur game - and why we need to recapture the mantra of ’Serious Fun’Part-1-Serious-Fun.pdf Part-2-Hero-of-Hoylake.pdf Part-3-Angels-and-Demons.pdf Part-4-Love-of-Golf.pdf Part-5-Revival-of-The-Spirit-of-Golf.pdf

Issue 35

Throwing away the Masters... COVER STORY: James Woods on the humanity and humour of  Roberto de Vicenzo, disqualified at the 1968 Masters for signing an incorrect scorecard.  Plus all your favourites: My Kind of Game, Mr Stickler, Bridge, Letters and Parting Shot...